Our aim

 Getting help can be a challenge

Studies have shown that there is a high prevalence of children with communication disorders from Autism Spectrum, Sensory Integration issues and literacy struggles to name a few. What’s more, getting help can be a challenge.

Shortage of specialists

What’s more, getting help can be a challenge. We recognize there is a shortage of specialists around the world:

  • Speech & Language Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Audiologists


Geography can be challenging as well. Oftentimes, clinics and therapists are concentrated in a few major cities. Sometimes families from remote locations have to relocate temporarily to get treatment.


The cost of ongoing treatment can be expensive adding to the emotional and financial burden on many families.

Spokle App home page and speech therapy lesson example

Spokle was born

It's with that recognition that Spokle was born.

We are on a passionate mission to offer hope and help to families and professionals caring for children with communications difficulties!

What Does Spokle Mean?

"Spokle" is our own inspirational term and is combination of the words Sparkle and Spoken. It's reflective of our passionate mission to give a bit of "sparkle" to families who have children with communication challenges through spoken language.

Moments of peace... joy... fun... calm... even silliness... through deeper understanding and communication.

We empower families by connecting:

  • with your child in a new way

  • to expert resources while on the go

  • to others who are journeying along the same path

  • children to the world around create lifetimes that Sparkle!

Who can benefit from Spokle programs?

Happy Asian father playing with baby
Happy Asian mum playing with young son

Happy Asian mum playing with young son


whose child is struggling:

  • to develop communication skills that lead to spoken language.

  • to interact appropriately with other children.

  • with sensory development such as difficulty eating, regular tantrums, seemingly to be a little clumsy, children who find it difficult to pay attention.


supporting families and children:

  • on the Autism Spectrum.

  • with Sensory Integration.

  • struggling with literacy.


Professional bodies such as:

  • Speech Language Therapy Associations

We connect families with the experts

At Spokle, we connect families with the experts they cannot otherwise reach via digital tools, workshops and expert support through the new Spokle App.

Founded on clinical best practices from Australia and New Zealand with input from experts around the world, our goal is to help develop spoken language.  And with the advent of mobile technology, we can now connect families and professionals to expert knowledge in a way that is affordable, convenient and cuts across geographical barriers.

Map showing Spokle locations in US, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand
Happy mum hugging laughing young daughter

Spokle methodology

Empowering the family

We believe Spokle is about empowering the family. Children learn in the context of their families and families are the primary influence on children’s learning and development.

We at Spokle recognise that the family is critical to a child's development, and we promote and practice family-centred therapy. We build on the current knowledge and skills of the family so that they can continue to engage with their child in a meaningful way that supports the child's development of age appropriate milestones.

As professionals, we engage in family-centred practice by respecting the pivotal role of families in children’s lives.

Therapy is fun for all

We truly believe that therapy should be fun and meaningful for all those involved!

What people are saying about Spokle

An amazing app! After just a few weeks, my son was able to crawl and stand up – before that he was always lying down. I expected some improvement but never expected to see progress so quickly! After doing Spokle I am more sensitive to my son’s response, whereas before it felt like it was always the same response whatever I did.
— Mei, parent

Excellent and very useful App, and it can be implemented at school. I have a better understanding of how to manage children with special needs. The App is great, easy to understand by watching practical instructions as shown on the video.
— Sophia, school teacher

After Spokle workshop, another mother and I decided to work together to implement what we have learned… we bought sensory tools, motivate each other and keep each other updated with our children’s progress. I use it everyday - excellent App!
— Metta, parent