Frequently asked questions

Where can I download Spokle?

Spokle is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can get to the download pages by clicking the appropriate button below.


Who could benefit from the Spokle program?

Parents whose child is struggling:

  • to develop communication skills that lead to spoken language.

  • to interact appropriately with other children.

  • with sensory development such as difficulty eating, regular tantrums, seemingly to be a little clumsy, children who find it difficult to pay attention.

Professionals supporting families and children who:

  • are in the Autism Spectrum.

  • with Sensory Integration.

  • struggling with literacy.

  • And Professional bodies such as Speech Language Therapy Associations.

Is Spokle only for parents?

Spokle can benefit everyone in the family!   Remember, it’s a great resource for ALL of those who interact with a child. (parent, grandparent, siblings, nanny, drivers, therapists, teachers).

We believe Spokle is about empowering the family. Children learn in the context of their families and families are the primary influence on children’s learning and development.

We at Spokle recognise that the family is critical to a child's development, and we promote and practice Family-Centred Therapy. We build on the current knowledge and skills of the family so that everyone who interacts with the child can continue to engage  in a meaningful way that supports the child's development of age appropriate milestones. 

Why is Spokle different?

Spokle is not just an App! We also support you through on-ground events such as seminars, workshops, online webinars, we have a social media platform where you can connect with other families and share experiences.

How do I get the Spokle App?

Spokle App is available NOW in the Google Play or iTunes App stores for Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore!

How do I find out about workshops or events in my area?

Like our Facebook Page and stay up to date on the latest News and Announcements from Spokle.

What does Spokle App subscription include?

Join our Spokle Family and get all the resources you need by purchasing an affordable, monthly subscription to Spokle App. Your subscription entitles you to the following benefits:

  • FREE access for the first month

  • Unlimited access to all contents in our Standard Subscription, PLUS

  • BONUS access to Premium contents - for a limited time only

  • Multi-level programs designed by leading speech and language experts, focusing on Communication, Sensory Integration, Strategies and Tips for parents, and many more!

  • Discounted access to live workshops and seminars.

  • Use Spokle App on multiple devices. Your data will be synchronized so you can always pick up where you left off.

  • Private access to the Spokle Family Facebook community group.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the App subscription from your phone settings or from the app store. Please follow links below.