Meet the Team

We are on a passionate mission to empower families! We are a team of diverse experts from around the world -  from leading Speech Language Pathologists, App Developers, Gaming Experts, LSLS Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist and Healthcare Professionals- all dedicated to helping families connect to speech and language resources and each other by using technology.

Based in Sydney Australia, our team is located in 4 countries across the globe. Together we have 90+ years experience in healthcare.


"At Spokle we aim to Empower families to Connect and reach their communication milestones!"

Andrew Kendrick, LSLS Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist

Andrew has worked extensively in the field of Auditory-Verbal Therapy over the past 24 years. He is a world-renowned therapist, consultant, international lecturer and publisher with extensive knowledge in the field and working across cultures.

- In Singapore, he was Director of a Cochlear Implant Program providing pre/post cochlear implant support.

- In Australia, as Program Development Manager for The Shepherd Centre,  he established mentoring, training and professional development programs which improved accountability across the organization.

- Across Asia Pacific, Andrew established the Beijing Training and Education Centre, introducing AVT and improved pediatric audiology to China.

- As Global Rehabilitation Manager for Cochlear Ltd, Andrew developed and drove the rehabilitation strategy across the globe.

Andrew currently resides in Australia and serves on the Board of Directors of the A G Bell Academy. We couldn't be more pleased to have such a world renowned professional helping Spokle Families!


"There are a lot of amazing parents who have amazing kids-  but they don't have the tools to help in everyday life. That's exactly  why we created Spokle!"

Gia Kuek, Speech Language Therapist, Sensory Integration - Occupational Therapist

In 1996 Gia never imagined that having a son go deaf would take her on a path of adventure, becoming an "accidental speech language therapist", to now a helping thousands of families as a leader in sensory integration.

When Gia got the news of her son's deafness, she went on a mission. It was a mission to find help - from specialists to guide her, to schools who were willing to accept her son. Instead of digging herself in worry and helplessness, Gia took control. She enrolled in courses, travelled to Singapore frequently to get therapy for her son, she armed herself with the latest research and worked tirelessly as her own private speech therapist, occupational therapist, teacher and a mother. Soon word got out of her success and she began helping other families across Indonesia.

10 years later, she and her family moved to New Zealand where she earned a degree in speech language therapist from the University of Canterbury and provided speech therapy and literacy at the Atlanta Speech School in the USA.

She currently works with a variety of ages and disabilities, ranging from hearing impairments, language delayed, processing disorders, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism and brain injuries.

Gia starts her day with a smile and ends her day with a bigger smile. Gia's laughter and positivity are contagious and that is demonstrated with each child she interacts with."I believe that every problem has a solution and that every child is a gift."

Gia splits her time and resides  in New Zealand and Indonesia.

We all are so fortunate to have her on our team!


"It is my hope that  Spokle will greatly help the daily lives  that families have in caring for children with special needs."

Esther Wong, Speech Language Therapist

Esther is a motivated speech language therapist who has had experiences by living and traveling around the world that many don't get -New Zealand, USA, China, Malaysia, Africa to name a few.

She's also worked as a home-based  and school- based therapist for families with children with special needs."these experiences were so invaluable for my working life as I now have greater insights into the daily lives and struggles of families caring for children with special needs have."

What's more Esther has always shown great capacity to learn academic knowledge and excel in her clinical work. She studied at the University of Canterbury completing a Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy with first class honours. She was the single recipient from her class to receive the Student Achievement Award from the New Zealand Speech Therapy Association (NZSTA). This was to recognise overall excellence in both her academic and clinical work. She was also selected to complete her final twelve week clinical placement in the United States.

After several years of working, Esther has returned to study to pursue a Masters in Speech Language Therapy. Esther resides in New Zealand. We are thrilled to have her at Spokle!


" I was so frustrated to see how hard it was for families to get trusted help. I knew there had to be a better way."

Elisabeth Yunarko, MEngSC., MBA - Spokle Founder

Elisabeth has spent her life finding a better way.

She has spent her professional career solving business challenges for companies in medical devices, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing around the world.

While working in her home country of Indonesia, she was positioned to understand the many challenges that families with special needs children face in getting the right clinical support. "I was so frustrated to see how hard it was for families to get trusted help. Lack of specialists, geography, cost, time pressures, stigma, knowledge and lack of community connections really make families everyday lives so hard." - Elisabeth stated.

"I knew there had to be a better way."

Being part of programs that were exploring telehealth services and seeing how the adoption of mobile technology has changed society, catapulted Elisabeth into action. And so, she went to work, gathering a team of  thought leaders, therapists, APP developers, healthcare professionals from around the globe who genuinely wanted to use their talents in the service of others.

In that quest to help those families, they found a better way… and Spokle was born.


"Spokle can offer many of these families a new chapter in their stories… one of hope and triumph!"

Colleen Murray, Marketing

Colleen always wanted to be Oprah Winfrey. Although her career path has taken her in a slightly different direction, she has a passion for connecting with people. Her colleagues joke that just like Oprah, she has a knack for making people cry on camera.

"I love getting to the heart of the matter, to understand people, their journey, what challenges they face and what lights them up. In that process, there are sometimes tears- tears of struggle and tears of joy!"

Colleen lives in the United States and has spent her professional career in healthcare connecting people to solutions that will help them live better lives. She launched major product releases in pharmaceuticals, created programs to care for recipients of hearing technology, and events and hosted galas, entertainment and educational events to name a few.

"When I heard about the Spokle solution, I knew this program could change the world! Spokle can offer many of these families a new chapter in their stories… one of hope and triumph! So I not be a world famous interviewer, but I would love to tell their stories- tears and all!"