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Literacy: Importance of Crossing the Midline

What does crossing the midline mean?

There is an invisible line from the top of our head to the bottom of our body. That is the midline.

Crossing that midline means that you can twist your body to the right and left, like doing some aerobic movements. You can also pick up a pencil that is on your left side with your right hand and vise versa.

Is your child ready for reading or writing?

You will need to be able to cross the midline for literacy because when reading or writing, you need to start from the left side of a page to the right side of a page.

Your child may not be ready for reading or writing because he/she is not capable of crossing the midline.

You will notice that children who are not ready, will colour his/her artwork with vertical strokes, rather than horizontal strokes.

How can you help?

You can help your child achieve readiness for literacy by playing lots of games, such as Simon says.

Play “Simon says”

Touch your left ear with your right hand then do the opposite, etc. You can get your child to do house chores, such as helping you wash the car or cleaning the table where he/she can stretch to one side of the table and then the next.

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