Spokle App. Speech language therapy. Anywhere, Anytime.

Introducing the new Spokle® App - your family’s speech language therapist in your pocket. ENJOY, ENGAGE and CONNECT with your child AND help your child reach their communication milestones.

Available now on Android, iPhone & iPad

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Family speech's language therapist

The Spokle App is designed to provide families with the convenience of doing therapy anytime, anywhere and with everyone in the family!
All the tools you need in one place.

  • Programs designed by leading experts

    Developed by expert Speech Language Therapists and Auditory Verbal Therapists from Australia and New Zealand- the methodology and activities are based on best clinical practices to get the best possible outcomes for your child!

  • Video-based learning with real-life examples

    Practical and easy to use! Watch short videos from experts then see how fellow Spokle families have put strategies into practice and try them out on your own. ANYTIME... ANYWHERE!

  • Fun-family-centered activities

    Activities designed to involve everyone who interacts with the child- parents, family members, therapists, teachers, nannies! Everyone can participate, improve communication and have fun with engaging play-based activities that the whole family can enjoy!

  • Range of exercises to tackle everyday challenges

    Broad range of easy-to-follow video tutorials. The complimentary modules cover topics such as: Developing Your Child's Communications Skills, Sensory Integration Activities and Strategies and Tips on Managing Behaviours. The VIP modules advance to further personalized topics.

  • Progressive skill development

    Programs start from building essential foundation skills that your child needs to be a successful communicator and then progresses to more advanced skills. It's applicable for children as young as 12 months of age!

  • Progress trackers

    There are simple quizzes to help track progress. Check your child's progress against key milestones, as well as your own skills and confidence as your child's best "therapist".

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Speech Therapy Anytime. Anywhere.

A range of programs developed by speech and language experts.

  • Video-based learning
  • Learn from real life examples
  • Track your child's progress
  • Fun sensory exercises to practice with your child
  • Progressive levels of learning
  • Targeted key learning

Change the way you connect with your child

Learn new ways to communicate

Understand your child's response

Learn how to better engage and connect in meaningful ways with your child.

Enjoy and celebrate life's moments together

Bring some fun back into your days, read together, dance and play with Spokle exercises to energize you!


Very useful, very helpful for me as a therapist in managing children with special needs. Simple and really beneficial. Extraordinary!

Sangat berguna, sangat membantu saya sebagai seorang terapis dalam menangani anak berkebutuhan khusus. Simple dan sangat bermanfaat. Luar biasa!

Yunita Behaviour Therapist and Teacher at PLA, Bali
Nyoman Handika

By putting into practice all the videos and information in Spokle App, we have been able to stimulate the children’s communication skills and improve their vocabulary

Dengan menerapkan informasi baik berupa tulisan maupun video yang ada di Spokle App, kami telah dapat merangsang kemampuan komunikasi anak, meningkatkan kosa kata anak.

Nyoman Handika Coordinator of Denpasar Autism Center (PLA), Bali

Spokle App is great; it helps to strengthen our family bonds because all family members can join in the activities. Very helpful for us as parents to teach many skills to our child using really easy methods.

Spokle App bagus buat meningkatkan ikatan keluarga karena semua kegiatan yang ada bisa dilakukan oleh semua anggota keluarga. Sangat membantu kami sebagai orang tua untuk mengajarkan banyak hal ke anak kami dengan cara yang mudah.

Tito parent


After Spokle workshop, another mother and I decided to work together to implement what we have learned… we bought sensory tools, motivate each other and keep each other updated with our children’s progress. We also teach our nannies how to implement it at home. I use it every day - excellent App!

Setelah ikut workshop Spokle, saya bekerjasama dengan seorang ibu yang lain untuk sama-sama mempraktekkan apa yang sudah dipelajari… sudah beli beberapa peralatan sensory, kami juga saling bantu memberikan motivasi dan saling update tentang progress anak. Kami juga mengajarkan suster dirumah cara menerapkan latihan. Saya pakai aplikasinya setiap hari – sangat bermanfaat!

Metta Parent

An amazing app, really beneficial for children, especially children with special needs. I expected some improvement after using Spokle App, but never expected to see progress so quickly! After doing Spokle I am more sensitive to my son’s response.

Aplikasi yang luar biasa, sangat berguna untuk anak-anak terutama berkebutuhan khusus. Memang saya berharap akan ada perkembangan setelah menggunakan aplikasi Spokle, tetapi saya tidak menyangka akan melihat progress anak secepat itu! Setelah Spokle, saya lebih sensitif terhadap respon anak.

Mei parent